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** Next Meeting May 2, 2016.**

6:00 PM

RRWA Conference Room

200 River Drive . Stanton, Kentucky

Public is invited


rrwa board of directors   

    The Red River Wastewater Authority, Inc.  was formed by an inter local agreement in 2008 in cooperation with the cities of Stanton and Clay City along with the Powell County Fiscal Court.  The purpose of the agreement was to pull funding, resources and capabilities to improve the current Stanton wastewater plant to a larger capacity of 1.41 MGD.  This replaces the current Clay City plant with the capabilities of .2 and Stanton with .46 MGD.  Both plants were running beyond state mandated limits and in danger of KDOW penalties.  Both cities will maintain their own collection lines and will service individual customers.  Powell County had become disabled in any attempt to attract new growth.  With both plants running beyond capacity the state would not approve any requests for additional wastewater.  Even to build a new house one had to get special approval. With the help of Bluegrass Ad, funding sources were set in place and an engineering firm was procured.  Bell Engineering was awarded the contract to oversee the construction of the new plant and a collection line seven miles long from Clay City to Stanton.  Stotts Construction was awarded the line placement and Smith Construction the new plant modification.  The new plant became operational in September of 2013.  It is a state of the art plant that now gives Powell County the ability to attract new industry and open the door for new development.  It is serviced by a Plant Operator and two full time, one part-time employees.  The RRWA is a great example of cooperation among local entities and is surely the way of the future for smaller towns and counties of Kentucky. The RRWA would like to thank all the residents of Powell County for their support at public meetings, their easement donations and letting their voices be heard. 

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